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Diagnosis Through Tongue

There are four things to take into consideration for Chinese diagnosis through tongue: Tongue colour, Tongue shape, Tongue...
crossed eyes

Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

What is crossed eyes, exactly?What causes strabismus?How does hypermetropia cause squint?Are there any other risk factors?How common is...
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Using Eye Exercises to Help Improve Vision – Visualize the Breathing Process

This is one of the simple but effective eye exercises to help improve vision. For this vision correction...
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Neck Exercises – Promote Blood Circulation To Improve Vision

This exercise aims to improve vision by promoting blood circulation to your eyes. As the arteries supplying norishment...
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Eye Exercises for Myopia – a natural vision improvement programme that works!

While you may have these questions, but let's face it, wouldn't you just like to read, work and...
sun glasses

Planning to Buy Sun Glasses?

Just what do we need to know before we buy sun glasses? Finding the right pair among all...