Neck Exercises – Promote Blood Circulation To Improve Vision

This exercise aims to improve vision by promoting blood circulation to your eyes. As the arteries supplying norishment to the eyes lie between the muscles of the neck. By performing this exercise, more blood will flow to your eyes. Do them slowly and keep your spine straight. Your neck relaxed and your shoulders facing forward.…

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Neck Exercise To Relieve Stiffness & Improve Vision

neck exercise

This simple neck exercise helps to relieve the stiffness in your neck and shoulder area, improve blood circulation in the upper body parts. As a result, the eye health would also improved. 1. Sit comfortably on a chair. Make sure your back is straightened. Put your hands behind your head. 2. Close your eyes, and…

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Eye Exercises for Farsightedness: The Keys to Better Vision!


Improve your vision naturally by using these tried-and-tested eye exercises for farsightedness, and throw away your glasses! “The emphasis on compensatory lenses has posed a problem for many years in our examinations. These lenses do not correct anything and may not serve the patient in his best interests over a period of time.” … CJ.…

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