Do Corgis Have Eye Issues?

corgi eys

You may think that corgis, with their big, bright eyes, are the picture of perfect health. However, as with many purebred dogs, corgis are prone to certain health issues, including eye problems. In fact, these adorable pups are particularly susceptible to several types of eye diseases, which can lead to a gradual loss of sight…

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Diagnosis Through Tongue

There are four things to take into consideration for Chinese diagnosis through tongue: It will often be necessary to cross-reference several or all of these aspects to establish a full picture. It is, of course, difficult to judge what is abnormal unless you know what a normal tongue looks like. A child’s tongue can usually…

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Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

crossed eyes

What is crossed eyes, exactly? Strabismus, or squint, is a disorder in which the eyes are misaligned and point in different directions. Only one eye can look directly at the object of current interest while the other eye turns inward, outward, up or down. The misalignment may be continual or it may come and go;…

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Planning to Buy Sun Glasses?

sun glasses

Just what do we need to know before we buy sun glasses? Finding the right pair among all the hundreds of choices is not an easy task. Salespeople rarely have a clue about protection from the sun, except to repeat the manufacturers’ claims – and most claim their glasses will protect you from 100 percent…

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Maintain Your Vision Improvement – What to Do After Free Eye Exercises?

free eye exercises

We recommend practising these free eye exercises over a four-week period to improve the eye-sight and increase the efficiency of eyes. However, persons with a large (or progressive) visual defect or severe amblyopia can prolong the training to their advantage. In fact, the exercises can be continued indefinitely by incorporating them as part of the…

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Reduce the Dependence on Eye Glasses

eye glasses

One of the purposes of eye exercises is to help you to reduce your dependence on eye glasses. Today, most spectacle wearers are seen to have become so much dependent upon glasses that they feel helpless without them and reach for them the first thing in the morning. The glasses then part company with the…

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Use Pinhole Glasses To Improve Your Vision!

pinhole glasses

During my college days, I happened to break my glasses one day. I guess you could imagine all the frustration and inconvenience I faced. With blurred vision, I could hardly learn anything during the lectures. How I hoped that I could have a pair of binoculus with me. So I decided to create a “Binoculus”…

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Diagnosis Through Listening


Diagnosis through listening involves paying attention to the patient’s tone of voice, breathing patterns and taking a sniff of the patient’s breath. The following tables show some of the conditions that may occur and what they mean. Diagnosis through listening to the patient’s voice Strong, loud voice Presence of yang, heat. Feeble, broken voice Presence…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine are useful in treating many eye disorders, such as chronic red eyes and conjunctivitis. We have heard of some success cases: The Chinese system of using herbs to resolve disharmonies in the body does work. Unfortunately, it remains largely unknown in the West. How does traditional Chinese Medicine come about? Ancient Chinese…

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Binocular Vision & Fusion Problems

binocular vision

Binocular vision is vision in which both eyes are used together. We have two eyes, each of which forms its own image. Yet we do not see an object double because our brain fuses the two images into one. Thus we possess ‘binocular vision’. It is because of good fusion that our vision is three…

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