Six Evils (Liu Yin)

six evils

The key “six evils” (Liu Yin) were defined as: Symptoms of six eveils These evils each had their characteristic symptoms. For example, fevers and chills from hot and cold or a shifting pattern of pain related to wind. An attack of dampness was characterized by symptoms like runny catarrh or oedema, while heat was the…

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Pulse Taking Philosophy and How To Feel The Pulse

pulse taking

Learning how to feel the pulse and perform diagnosis could help you to pin-point any imbalance in the Zang-Fu organs of your body. The concept of the pulse is quite different in Chinese Medicine. It is a way of coming directly into contact with the patient’s Qi, as it is the Lungs that govern Qi…

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Chinese Diagnosis Through Pulse Taking and Palpation

chinese pulse taking

Chinese Diagnosis Through Pulse Taking and Palpation Pulse taking measures the changes in one’s pulse. It is used to determine the level of qi and blood in one’s body. In general, traditional Chinese medicine uses the entrance to the pulse, ie. the inch section. As it is where the Hand Taiyin lung channel passes through,…

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Diagnosis Through Asking

Diagnosis through asking various questions will help you to know where and what the actual or potential problem is. by doing so, you are able to treat an existing disharmony, or to maintain your health at its present level. We have listed some questions here. You may well find that you need to add new…

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Diagnosis Through Looking

The Chinese medicine practitioner usually starts his diagnosis through looking at the patient’s appearance, facial expression, skin colour, gait and demeanour. A person’s complexion and his vital organs share a close relationship. Any changes in the blood and qi circulation in the vitals will be reflected in a person’s physical appearance, including observing the person’s…

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Treatment of Dry Eyes

Millions of adults suffer from dry, itchy, red, blaming eyes. Treatment of dry eyes varies accordingly. Artificial tears sold over-the-counter offer only temporary relief. As you might have already guessed, dry eyes are dually symptoms of problems affecting the entire body. An exception to this rule might exist in some older people who have droopy…

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Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

The Chinese Medicine diagnosis is a very different process to that of Western medicine. The Chinese developed an almost poetical or euphemistic way of describing anatomy and physiology. In traditional Chinese medicine, infections were blamed not on invading bacteria or viruses, but on some sudden external evil ( the six evils ). Besides the six evils, exterior…

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