Reduce Computer Eye Strain


If this picture looks familiar, you’d better start learning how to reduce computer eye strain. What could have caused this achy sensation in the eyes – “eye strain”? There are several possible causes, such as: Only a good eye exam can determine whether both eyes are centered in the same place or, for example, if…

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Effective Eye Exercises for Better Vision

eye chart with eye

This is one of the eye exercises for better vision which you can practise anywhere and anytime. You may want to do this exercise after a long session of reading or writing. The benefits of this vision improvement process is that the crystalline lens become more flexible and thus enhance our ability to shift focus…

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Eye Relaxation Exercises for Eye Strain

haley phelps S llxYh3GzI unsplash

Eye relaxation exercises relieve dry eyes, tired eyes, eyes strained caused by prolonged computer usage and other eye strain symptoms. If your work is deskbound, or if you face the computer screen for hours, you would have these eye strain symptom: fatigue, blurred vision, headache. (Learn how to¬†reduce computer eye strain) From studies, very few…

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Chinese Eye Exercises


The Chinese eye exercises are based on acupressure points. They have been practised regularly in China to help reduce the rate of eye disorders.  Failing Eyesight Due To Malfunctioning Liver In Chinese medicines, if the eyesight is failing, it could mean that the liver is not functioning optimally. In this situation, the liver can gradually…

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