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Traditional Chinese Medicine are useful in treating many eye disorders, such as chronic red eyes and conjunctivitis.

We have heard of some success cases:

  • Some patients, after a course of Chinese herbal therapy, found that they didn’t have to rely on artificial drugs constantly. In addition, many other health problems (eczema, asthma, and even indigestion) also disappeared simultaneously.
  • There are also patients with chronic iritis (inflammation inside the eye) who able to decrease their high-dose cortisone eye-drops (note: these eye-drops can accelerate cataracts and may increase intraocular pressure over time, possibly resulting in glaucoma). Among them, a few patients, after ten years of depending upon very strong eye-drops, actually discontinued them completely.

The Chinese system of using herbs to resolve disharmonies in the body does work. Unfortunately, it remains largely unknown in the West.

How does traditional Chinese Medicine come about? Ancient Chinese physicians developed medical concepts by observing nature and translated those observations to the human body. For instance, the kidneys is represented by water and the brain is represented by air.

Even today, Chinese practitioners don’t use Western words like fever, pneumonia, or cancer to describe illness. Instead, they use words that reflect nature, like heat, dampness, and dryness.

As a sophisticated system involving complex methods of diagnosis and treatment, traditional Chinese medicine has a track record of positive results for centuries.

Acupuncture and Chinese eye exercises based on accu-pressure point are traditional Chinese techniques available for vision improvement.

Chinese eye exercises are easy to learn. So, there is no need for your to be an expert in traditional Chinese medicine to practise them.

The concepts of Chinese Medicine

However, it is still amazing to read about the concepts of Chinese Medicine. These concepts involves the integration of the following:

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