Effective Eye Exercises for Better Vision

February 10, 2023 | Category:

eye chart with eye

This is one of the eye exercises for better vision which you can practise anywhere and anytime.

You may want to do this exercise after a long session of reading or writing.

The benefits of this vision improvement process is that the crystalline lens become more flexible and thus enhance our ability to shift focus quickly from near too far, and vice versa.

Do not use glasses when you are doing this exercise.

  1. Hold up a finger or a pencil near the tip of your nose, about 6 inches away.
  2. Look at your finger-tip for five counts. Try to see the finger as clearly as possible.
  3. Then choose a distant object, e.g. a chimney, tree, flag etc. at least 20 feet (6 metres) away. Continue for five counts.
  4. Alternate between the near and far objects, looking at each for about fice counts at a time. Repeat the exercise forty times.

When you have completed this exercise, perform palming for two minutes or more.

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