Eye Exercises for Myopia – a natural vision improvement programme that works!

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While you may have these questions, but let’s face it, wouldn’t you just like to read, work and drive without glasses or contacts within weeks from now?

Wouldn’t you just love to live without the frustration of stumbling around the rest of your life anytime you’re without your glasses or contacts…

Wouldn’t you just hope to spend your hard-earned money on better things, instead of wasting mega bucks on glasses, contacts or … even lasik surgery?

Yes, this could be the most eye-opening article you’ll ever read. These eye exercises for myopia could work for you!

BUT, there is just one big thing that stands between you and good vison

It’s YOU! That’s right. YOU!

If you expect overnight result, let me tell you that it’s not going to happen that way. You’ve to be determined to do the eye exercises regularly.

These eye exercises work for thousands, and it will work for you too… BUT you need to build it into your daily routine.

If you have decided to give this do-it-yourself vision improvement method (which is a safe, healthy alternative to glasses, contacts and even laser surgery) a try. Then you should read on.

Test for Myopia (Nearsightedness)

In simple terms, myopia is a visual defect in which a person cannot see distant objects clearly. The near vision is usually quite good.

1. To test for nearsightedness, you would need to use a distant vision chart. Do not use your glasses or contact lenses.

2. Place the chart on the wall at eye level under well-illuminated condition.

3. Make markings of five feet from the chart, ten feet from the chart, and twenty feet from the chart.

4. Start with the Twenty feet mark.

5. Cover your left eye with the left palm. Read the chart from top to bottom. Note down the number of lines or letters that you read correctly.

6. Move to ten feet mark, and repeat Step 5.

7. Again, move to five feet mark, and repeat step 5.

8. If you still cannot see the lines or letters from five feet mark, move towards the chart until you can see clearly. Note down the distance from the chart.

9. Cover your right eye with your right palm, and repeat Step 5 – 8.

Evaluation of Your Test

If you can see clearly from 20 feet, you have no or neglisgible myopia.

If you can see clearly only at 20 feet mark, you have mild myopia.

If you can see clearly only at 5 feet mark, you have moderate myopia.

You have high myopia, if you vision is clear at less than five feet mark.

Guidelines for Eye Exercises

Before we go on to the eye exercises for myopia, there are a few points to take note of:

1. First, read and understand the steps of each eye exercise carefully.

2. Do not use glasses or contact unless you are instructed to.

3. Do all the eye exercises for myopia in in non-glaring light. Vision chart or targets should be well lit at all times.

4. If the eye exercise requires you to close the eye, do so gently.

5. Do not strain your eyes while doing the eye exercise. The result would be better if you do not strain your eyes.

6. Rest your eyes after each eye exercise, and also at the end of the whole eye exercise. To relax your eyes, perform the eye relaxation exercises.

7. As our eyes are tired after a whole-day work, early morning is the best time for eye exercises.

8. If you do not have enough time to complete all the eye exercises for myopia, you can do some in the morning and finish the rest in the later part of the day.

9. Learn about the different stages that you will experience when you begin to build your visual habits: The different stages as you build your visual habit.

Eye Exercises for Myopia (shortsightedness)
… for Week 1 and 2

Carry out the following warm up before the eye exercises for myopia.
To accelerate the progress of this vision therapy, we recommend that you download and practice “The 10 powerful visual techniques” daily:

(1) Warm up Exercise – Visualization

(2) Warm up Exercise – Dodge Ball

After that, carry on with these eye exercises for Myopia:

(1) Eye Exercise – Neck

(2) Eye Exercise – Focal Flexibility

(3) Eye Exercise – Tracing
This is one of the great techniques to exercise the muscles that move the eyes and to develop better eye-hand coordination.

(4) Eye Exercise – Visualise Distant Scene
This eye exercise works well for people suffered from Myopia (near sightedness).This particular group of people usually hold their focus too tight.

(5) Eye Exercise – Eye Pressing
This is an effective natural vision improvement to relieve eye strain and fatigue.

Eye Exercises for Myopia (shortsightedness)
… for Week 3 and 4

Similarly, do the following warm up before the eye exercises for myopia:

(1) Warm up Exercise – Visualisation

(2) Warm up Exercise – Neck

After that, carry on with these eye exercises for Myopia:

(1) Eye Exercise – Fingernail Tracking
This eye tracking exercise is an easy and effective vision correction method to improve the flexibility of the crystalline lenses of your eyes. At the same time, it helps to prevent or decrease any existing visual defects.

(2) Eye Exercise – Visualise Distant Letters
Visualisation is one of the healthy eye exercises that helps to relax the various eye muscles, facilitate better focus, and improve your sight.

This exercise will help you stretch out your gaze and relax the crystalline lens of your eyes.

(3) Eye Exercise – Alternate Near & Far Reading
Eye muscle exercise (or eye tracking and fixation exercise) helps to improve the flexibility of your crystalline lens of the eye, and thus improve your vision and relieve eye strain.

(4) Eye Exercise – Eye Pressing
An effective natural vision improvement to relieve eye strain and fatigue.

(5) Eye Exercise – Focal Flexibility
This eye vision exercise uses the mind’s eye to teach you how to release the focus of your eyes. Myopes usually hold their focus too tight.

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