Neck Exercise To Relieve Stiffness & Improve Vision

February 24, 2023 | Category:

neck exercise

This simple neck exercise helps to relieve the stiffness in your neck and shoulder area, improve blood circulation in the upper body parts. As a result, the eye health would also improved.

1. Sit comfortably on a chair. Make sure your back is straightened. Put your hands behind your head.

2. Close your eyes, and bend your head forward 3 times.

3. Next bend your head to the left 3 times. After that, bend your head to the right 3 times.

4. Put your left hand on your head. Use your left hand to turn your head lightly to the left 3 times.

5. Repeat step 4 for the right side.

6. As shown in figure 6, swing your hands and shoulder forward five times. Repeat the same process, swing your hands and shoulder backward five times.

7. The last step is neck rolling exercise. Slowly roll your head in the clockwise direction 3 times, and then roll in the anti-clockwise direction 3 times.

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