Eye Exercise to Overcome Suppression and Muscle Imbalances, and Strengthen Fusion

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This exercise is used to overcome suppression. We can also use it for practising fixation, correcting convergence and rectify muscle imbalance. It is also a good exercise to demonstrate that each eye forms its own image of an object.

This exercise aims to achieve correct fixation and simultaneous perception (with two eyes) and to overcome suppression, if any.

For this exercise, we need a string which is at least fifteen feet long, and three buttons that can be beaded onto the string.

Use glasses only if absolutely necessary to overcome suppression and obtain clear vision.

The Procedures to Over Suppression

Tie one end of the string to a door-knob.

Bead the three buttons onto the string in such a way that they lie six inches, eighteen inches and four feet from the other (i.e. untied) end of the string. Hold the string taut against your nose tip.

Look at the hole in the first (nearest) button. You should see two strings going through the button-hole. If the right eye is closed, the left string seems to disappear; if the left eye is closed, the right string seems to disappear. If you have directed your eyes correctly, and if the brain registers the images of the two eyes, the two strings cross exactly at the opening of the first button.

Look for the following problems :

Central suppression : The string on the right or the left is incomplete as it enters the hole.

Peripheral suppression : A section of one at the two strings (away from the button-hole) is not visible.

Total suppression : One whole string is not visible either constantly or intermittently.

Overconvergence : Strings cross in front of the buttonhole.

Insufficient convergence : Strings cross away from the button-hole.

Strive for a relaxed focus. When you see two complete strings crossing exactly at the button-hole, hold the focus for ten counts.

Next, move the gaze down the string to the second button. Repeat the procedure to overcome suppression effectively.

Finally, progress to the farthest button and repeat the exercise. Repeat the entire cycle five times.

(1) If suppression occurs, close the eyes for a while. Visualise in your mind, the two strings crossing exactly at the button. hole. Then open the eyes and refix your gaze softly. Repeat this action as many times as necessary. To remind yowrself which eye is being suppressed, close one eye at a time. Repeat the action as many times as necessary. Then employ binocular vision softly. Remember that suppression is caused by intense viewing.

(2) If over-convergence occurs, close your eyes and visualise a distant scene, thereby stretching your gaze. Then reopen your eyes. Keep the gaze extended. Draw it in very slowly until the strings cross at the hole.

(3) If under-convergence occurs, close your eyes and visualise a very near object (say your nose-tip). feel your eyes pulling in. Then reopen your eyes. Release the focus slowly until the strings cross at the hole.

(4) At the end of the exercise, perform palming {or two minutes or more.

(5) As you gain practice and experience, alter the positions of the buttons to encounter new challenges:

PeriodDistance of the three buttons from the nose-tip
First Weekten incheseighteen inchesfour feet
Second Weekeight inchesfourteen incheseight feet
third weeksix ichestwelve inchestwelve feet
Fourth weekfour inchesten inchesfifteen feet

The benefits

This exercise necessitates seeing with both the eyes together and therefore helps to overcome suppression.

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