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Reduce Computer Eye Strain

If this picture looks familiar, you'd better start learning how to reduce computer eye strain. What could have...
binocular vision

Binocular Vision & Fusion Problems

Binocular vision is vision in which both eyes are used together. We have two eyes, each of which...
six evils

Six Evils (Liu Yin)

The key "six evils" (Liu Yin) were defined as: Wind (Feng) - associated with spring. Cold (Han) -...
pulse taking

Pulse Taking Philosophy and How To Feel The Pulse

Learning how to feel the pulse and perform diagnosis could help you to pin-point any imbalance in the...
chinese pulse taking

Chinese Diagnosis Through Pulse Taking and Palpation

Chinese Diagnosis Through Pulse Taking and Palpation Pulse taking measures the changes in one's pulse. It is used...
placeholder landscape

Diagnosis Through Asking

Diagnosis through asking various questions will help you to know where and what the actual or potential problem...